The Science behind Survival…

Many of you enjoy the great outdoors and living wild with adventure.  Sometimes Mother Nature presents situations that make us fight for our lives.  I’m excited to part of a new television show called “Survival Science,” airing on The Outdoor Channel.  The show reveals how to be prepared when enjoying the great  outdoors.  My co-host Nick Mundt and I set-up experiments on the unpredictable power of Mother Nature.

 Shooting the show is a ton of fun.  The show is filmed in Los Angeles with some of the best Hollywood stunt men and outdoor industry experts who set-up the experiments. Our stunts are coordinated by professionals, please don’t try any of the the stunts and experiments at home.  Safety is always first.  Getting the footage is is intense and complicated.  My day starts at 4 a.m. with a wake up call and we finish shooting around 8 p.m.  Even though it’s a long day it flys by because we are having so much fun on set.  Some of the topics we cover include the following: Grizzly bear attacks, lightening strikes, sniper fire, mountain lion attacks, stormy weather and more!

Both Nick and I are learning so much and how simple steps and techniques can be the difference between life and death in the outdoors.  One of the things that continues to stick with me and that I learned from the experts is to always be prepared when exploring and heading out into the woods.  Following are a few items that are essential to survival: water proof matches, water purifying tablets and survival thermal emergency blanket.  These items are critical; without fire and heat you can get into trouble real quick, dehydration can occur quickly without water and finally the blanket is essential to retain body heat.

I love the great outdoors, however, being prepared and respecting the power of Mother Nature keeps you safe. Please be sure to check out “Survival Science” on The Outdoor Channel every Monday night at 9p.m. Eastern/ 8p.m. Central.

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We’ll catch you next week, until then remember, Wildly Living will lead you to a great adventure and adventure fills your soul.







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