The shot heard around the world, actually it was a 1000 yards!

The day I hit a 1000 yard shot is a day I will never forget.  I want to share my adventure with you!

I was shooting for the Outdoor Channel on a show called “Survival Science” airing 2017, The Outdoor Channel.  I was in the hills of California and I was fortunate to be coached by legendary Navy Seal sniper Eric Davis (in the middle). Eric recently completed his book called Raising Men.  It’s an awesome read and advice for fathers. (

The day that started with mountain fog, I had no idea how long 1000 yards was until the clouds cleared.  I used my binoculars to see which target I was going to shoot and I couldn’t believe it.  With a little math and some yoga breathing I made this personal record shot possible. 

Eric and I calculated the ballistics. I didn’t realize how much math was involved along with the help of an iPad to ensure accuracy. After some serious calculations of wind speed, earth curvature, rotation of the earth mirage and more, I positioned my body next to a Lapua 308. Eric instructed me how many clicks I needed to make in “minutes or Mils” on the scope to set the rifle up according to our calculations

Once we were set up, he provided instructions on my body positioning on the ground, which is imperative to an accurate shot, but so was my breathing.  Any twitch of your body anticipating the recoil or noise and your shot can be a wild flyer quick.   Who knew all my yoga days in child pose inhaling and exhaling would be so handy at the rifle range!

I had my target in the scope, I took a long deep breath. During the slow long yoga exhale, I ever so gently pulled the trigger and then I waited for what felt like an eternity for that “PING” of a bulls-eye.  When the target is that far, it takes a few seconds to hear the sound of contact.

Oh but when you do, not only did it gave me immediate bragging rights but also put a BIG smile on my face.   Who knew the simple ping of bullet connecting with a steel target could bring you such bliss.  Felt like a home run during the world-series.

It was a great day on the range that will forever make me smile!  Now. I just need to beat it.

We’ll catch you next week, until then remember, Wildly Living will lead you to a great adventure and adventure fills your soul.

– Laura




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