There’s a MOUSE in the house…NOT anymore!

If you are having mouse problems, fixing the problem just got easier!  Let me introduce you to Mouse- Mix, a great smelling all natural non-toxic mouse deterrent.

Mouse-Mix was created in North Dakota.  It was created by founder, Tim Moen’s mother.  Here is a condensed version of his story in his own words on how Mouse-Mix was created.  The last 25 years my mom had been making her own homemade potpourri.  It was really good stuff and she pretty much had a cult-like following at craft shows.  About 10 years ago, mom was talking with a fellow crafter about her mouse problem and the trouble with using poison around kids and pets and also the grossness of emptying mouse traps and finding or not being able to find dead mice.  Mom started reading about natural pest deterrents from herbs and spices. My parents neighbors had mice in their woodworking shop, so Mom had a laboratory to try out her different blends.  Well after a few tries she cleared out the neighbors shop of mice.  She then began selling her creation out of plain zip-lock sandwich bags with her potpourri at the arts and craft shows.   My parents came to the city for a craft show and my mother showed me her creation,  I said to her, “that doesn’t work and stick to potpourri.”  God must have heard me teasing my mother, because a few weeks later my wife and I started having mice problems in our basement. I tried everything but could not get rid of the mice.  I knew my parents were coming for a visit and I told Mom to bring her mouse deterrent.  I put it out and literally overnight the mice were gone.  My mother was not really pushing her mouse mix and was more interested in her potpourri.  Sadly some mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to quit her craft shows.  I knew I could move the Mouse- Mix to customers so I put it out with her potpourri.  Mom showed me how to make it and I made huge batch for each show, sketched up the logo and put it out.  We sold out at my parents last craft shows and that’s how Mouse-Mix was born.

Wow, what an amazing story of how you never know what can be created when a problem needs to be solved.  Tim’s mom is one creative lady who left us a legacy of sleeping better knowing that those sneaky little mice are not creating havoc in our homes.

I can tell you that Mouse-Mix  is not only a great story but it has a great smell.  If you have mice issues in your home, barn, storage shed, garage or anywhere give Mouse-mix a try!  To get your supply of Mouse-Mix click here.

We’ll catch you next week, until then remember, Wildly Living will lead you to a great adventure and adventure fills your soul.





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