Wild on the Water Bass Fishing Tournament


I’m excited to announce that Ron Schara Productions has partnered with the MN Wild (www.wild.com)  for an over-the-top bass fishing tournament this summer!   How does the combo of fishing, MN Wild players and a summer party on the lake sound? I know, it’s the perfect weekend!

The tournament is an opportunity to experience all three of these things. Grab your fishing rod & the opportunity to fish with me, Ron Schara, Bill Sherck and some of your past and present favorite MN Wild players & coaches.  The best part is, it’s all happening for a good cause.

Forward left winger Jason Zucker and I will captain the current MN Wild players team.  My dad, Ron Schara (www.mnbound.com) will captain the coaches and my “Due North Outdoors” co-host Bill Sherck (www.duenorthoutdoors.com) will captain the former MN Wild players.

Jason and I are ready to crush the competition…so let’s hope the bass are biting that day! Mark your calendars for July 14th & 15th at Izaty’s resort (http://izatys.com) on Mille Lacs Lake.   Plus if you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out)…DO NOT miss the VIP pre-party on July 14th!  See you there!

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