Grilled Elk Burgers

I love grilling wild game! Today I’m sharing with you my secret “kills it every time” ingredient that I use when I’m cooking burgers.  I have tried this amazing simple product with antelope burgers, elk burgers, beef burgers, bison burgers and more!  Each time, it makes the PERFECT 10 burger.  It’s called “Classic Burger Starter” from Williams Sonoma!

All you need is about 1-2 tablespoons per pound of ground meat.  Gently fold in the burger starter into the meat and shape the patties.  Do not over mix the ground meat, as this will toughen the meat.  This is especially important with wild game, which doesn’t have much fat.  Be gentle when mixing it in and don’t over do it!  EVERY time I use this one ingredient…I get rave reviews from my friends.  I actually just served grilled elk burgers to my girlfriend and her kids and they all loved it!  Spices are key when you’re cooking wild game, so don’t miss out on this one.

Throw the patties on the grill and you’re set to go for a VERY easy summer family dinner.  I usually serve my burgers with grilled Veggies on the side to keep it healthy!  Here is one of my favorite spices I sprinkle onto my veggies before I grill or roast them.

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